Why Crystal Serum Light and EXOv4?

For the ultimate protection and water repellency!

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light + Gtechniq EXOv4 Kit combines the powerhouse Gtechniq EXO Ultra Durable Hybrid Coating with the newest coating on Gtechniq’s line-up, the Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light lays down a rock hard, ultra-high gloss layer that is only enhanced when topped with Gtechniq EXO. Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light + Gtechniq EXOv4 together offers superb water and dirt resistance. Achieve an incredible amount of paint protection with this winning combination.

Gtechniq EXO is a paint coating that protects virtually any surface from dirt, sun exposure, and moisture permanently. Durability tests prove that after 600 washes, water still beads on surfaces treated with EXO. Hybrid coating technology gives automobiles, aircraft, boats, and recreational vehicles unbeatable protection from the elements.

Both Gtechniq EXO and Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light are phenomenal stand-alone products. But, when used with each other, produce unparalleled paint protection qualities. Give your paint the best treatment possible with Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light + Gtechniq EXOv4 kit.

Gtechniq Crystal Serum Light is applied first, per the included instructions. Once Crystal Serum Light is applied, no wait time is necessary before applying the Gtechniq EXO. It’s recommended you apply EXO to the panels in the same pattern as applying the Crystal Serum Light, and that you apply EXO according to the included instructions.