I founded The Transformation Garage in 2020 to scratch an itch.

Confused? So was I.

Let me explain.

I’ve been obsessed with cars all my life. Really. And I don’t mean like those kids that hang posters on their wall and dream of cars all day without actually doing anything about it. No. I’ve been obsessed with working on cars all my life. And that’s what I’ve been doing (or trying to do, when life doesn’t get in the way!).

While those dreamer kids were out partying or kicking a ball around, my teenage years looked slightly different. I’d find a car project that a friend was working on, and give them a hand fixing it. No parties for this young man! Instead, I’d spend the day sanding, cleaning, dismantling and assembling cars.

For fun.

It doesn’t make sense to most people, but transforming cars is less of a job for me and more of a passion. It always has been.

Naturally, this passion led me into a panel beating apprenticeship, where I formally learned the trade of repairing and transforming cars. But even that wasn’t enough to quell my thirst. So, I kept finding more and more projects to work on, refining the art of car transformation and gaining new and exciting experiences.

My passion led me from an apprenticeship and projects, to opening up a panel shop with my brothers in the northern suburbs of Melbourne. Although successful and enjoyable, a few years in, the shop took a toll on my health and it was unfortunately time to call it quits. I had to pursue other paths.

But when you leave aside a passion, the itch doesn’t simply go away. It gets stronger. And that’s exactly what happened.

And so Premier Shine Auto Detailing was born soon after.

I loved it. Car detailing was the perfect expression of my passion. For some, it simply meant getting their car cleaned. But for me it was a lot more than that. Being in the care of somebody’s prized possession. Getting into the flow of workmanship. Restoring a vehicle to its former glory.

For me, transformation is meditation.

But again, it was not to be. Circumstances outside of my control forced me to shut down Premium Shine after a little over a year.

Now what?

Devastated, I again pursued other paths and put car care behind me. I had a decent run, I thought at the time. But I knew I was kidding myself.

Then last year, that dreaded COVID hit…

It was time to start thinking about different possibilities. I sat and contemplated. I made lists. I consulted people. I slept on it. I made new lists. I asked more people.

A café? A second-hand shop? Teaching? Maybe a bike shop…

All of this of course was simply a distraction. I knew deep down what I wanted to do, and so did many of the people I asked.

It was always going to be car detailing.

But this time it, had to be different.

It had to be unique: I had to build it according to my passion.
It had to be educational: I had to craft it according to my skills.
It had to be communal; I had to design it according to my ethics.
It had to be transformative.

The Transformation Garage is much more than a car detailing business. It is a passion project of setting industry standards, of empowering individuals and of caring for communities.

The Transformation Garage will offer comprehensive, premium care of your vehicle. I treat every vehicle as if it is my own, and won’t allow it to leave my garage unless I would personally accept that same standard.

The Transformation Garage will run workshops for up-and-coming car detailers, teaching them the trade through hands-on experience and highlighting common mistakes to avoid.

The Transformation Garage will support youth mentoring programs, guiding youth in establishing and running a small business such as a car wash, keeping them engaged and earning an honest income.

Vehicle, individual and communal transformation.

That’s The Transformation Garage promise.

Baha named his detailing business The Transformation Garage because its all about transformation. It’s about transforming cars, people and lives. 

Baha treats every car or bike as if it is his own. He won’t allow any to leave his garage unless he would accept it for himself. 


The Transformation Garage is a unique high end detailing service in the Northern Suburbs of Melbourne. Every car or bike is spoiled and pampered. 


We use the best and latest products to treat your car or bike. Our products are PH neutral to protect your vehicle for longer. 


We have made it our mission to ensure every customer at The Transformation Garage experiences 2 things, affordable service & an extraordinary experience.


Every car or bike is meticulously hand washed, detailed to perfection & inspected before handover.